Jackpots Available at Silversands Casino

Progressive jackpots are one of the most popular types of video slots available to players at Silversands Casino. The reason behind this is that they allow players to walk away from a video slot with a genuinely life-changing win in their pocket. This is not a big win that most video slots offer, a few hundred thousand, this is a win that is into the seven figures. Some of the bigger jackpots out there can even pay out eight-figure sums to players! While winning the total jackpot is never an easy task, the potential to change your life is something that always appeals to players the world over. That's why at Silversands Casino the jackpots are wide and varied. How exactly do these prizes work and why are they so popular?


Progressive Jackpots at Silversands

When first playing a progressive jackpot it might not seem any different from a regular video slot at first. There will be spinning reels, different numbers of paylines and various features included in the game. What one of these machines has running on top of all of this is a prize pool that constantly rises until someone wins it. This means that in theory the top prize can get up to astronomical amounts if people keep playing and no-one wins it. Because there is no upper limit on the amount that the jackpot can rise to this allows players the opportunity to become incredibly rich. When playing Silversands progressive jackpots there are thousands of players all attempting to win big. Why do the wins get so big though?


Huge Wins from Progressive Jackpots

The wins for a progressive jackpot become so large for one main reason. Every single relevant game is linked together. This means that every player who places a wager on a jackpot slot will contribute a percentage of their wager to the jackpot. This differs from a regular video slot because while thousands of people can play a video slot at the same time, they are not linked to each other. Because they are not linked it means that the maximum payout on a normal video slot is set at a certain level and this will never change- of course you can get smaller jackpots where players who use a particular slot within a casino build a smaller jackpot and other similar examples. When playing at a progressive slot, the link to a central jackpot means that the potential prize can, and does, grow to a significantly higher level than on normal video slots. The huge prize on offer means that progressive slots will attract more players as the jackpot grows larger.

How Much can be Won?

Progressive jackpots do have the potential to award life-changing wins. The current world record is over €18m. With this kind of prize fund on offer, it is no surprise that the games that offer these prizes attract so many players. While it is very difficult to win the top prize, the potential to walk away from an online casino as a genuine millionaire means that progressive jackpots are likely to remain as one of the most popular games at any online betting venue. The range of Silversands progressive jackpots gives players a varied game choice, combined with the potential for big wins.