Casino Promotions at Silversands

Online casinos are massively different from brick and mortar establishments. There are a much wider variety of games available at web-based casinos, the only food and drink on offer is whatever you make yourself and when playing online, bonuses are available to players. This is one of the biggest benefits of choosing to play on the internet. It means that players will have access to a wide range of rewards that they would never have been able to use when playing at a real-world venue. What kind of promotions are there though? And how exactly do they work?


Silversands Promotions

Casino promos that are on offer to gamblers tend to vary. One of the most common that tend to be offered is the welcome bonus. This is a bonus that is applied to a new player's account. It is usually a matched bet or some free spins on a video slot, in some cases, it will be both. This allows players to increase their bankroll when they first join a website and as such allows their first forays into playing to be more enjoyable. This can either be because it allows them to play higher stakes games, allows them to play for longer or purely because some free games are on offer. When looking through the range of Silversands promotions, a welcome bonus is the most likely one you will find.


The Range of Bonuses on Offer

Other bonuses that are offered by online casinos can come in many different forms. Firstly, there can be offers that are triggered on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. The daily promotions are mostly free spins that are awarded whenever the player logs into their account. This is by no means the only daily offers, but are the most common. A weekly promotion can also offer free spins if you log in for a set number of days, but there is also the possibility of a matched bet being awarded for any deposits that are made and sometimes even a cashback offer based around the number of wagers that are placed over the week. Monthly bonuses tend to be further reaching and can offer larger bonuses based on a combination of all of the reward schemes from the daily and weekly promotions. Unlike the welcome bonus, other promotions are less common, however, if you keep checking Silversands promotions you will be able to find out when there are additional bonuses on offer.


Finding out about Promotional Offers

Promotions aren't always easy to find out about. If you have your browser set up to open at your favourite game, or at your favourite genre of game, then you can sometimes miss out on the promotions. This is because they tend to be publicised on the front page of the website. Unless you always go to the homepage, then you may find out when it's too late. This doesn't matter most of the time, but some online establishments make their promotions an opt-in activity. This means that you need to let them know that you would like to take part in the promotion. If you're not aware of it then this means you could miss out on a wide range of bonuses. The easiest way to make sure that you don't miss out is to simply take a visit to the homepage when you've finished playing. That way you will always be able to take advantage of the Silversands promotions on offer.